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It is generally understood that the 30000mw Laser weapon is actually refers to the high energy laser weapon, it emits the high brightness laser beam radiation to the target of high temperature, will soon cause permanent damage to the site. The laser beam from launch to hit the target time less to negligible, almost "aimed at destroying the" especially suited for dealing with high speed target. Therefore, America's most famous strategic laser weapons is aiming at amazing speed of intercontinental ballistic missiles.


450nm Burning Laser Pointer

Strategic killer to destroy the space target

The United States announced a video about a UAV destroyed by a burning laser weapon which let the world exclaim "Star Wars era". In the huge list of American weapons development , there are kinds of laser weapons, their deployment have a wide range from the ground, air to the space, target also have different emphases, covering the battlefield. If these lasers are really successful, they will change the face of the future. Chinese military expert Liu Jiangping , told the Global Times reporter, any advanced weapons have their own limitations, the laser can not be completely invincible.

During the Cold War, America's "Star Wars" program, the 100mw Laser cannon deployed in space was the most important part of the Soviet intercontinental missile. The Pentagon believes that space laser weapon can destroy any target in the air and space in the hundreds to thousands of kilometers of distance and space without terrain block, there is no air disturbance,they did not have to deal with the best means of intercontinental missile. According to the design, the entire system consists of 20 satellites equipped with laser cannons and 10 orbital mirrors, each satellite attack range can cover the earth's surface area of 1/10.

How America Beat Russia At the Cold War

In addition to the space Military Laser Pointer anti missile program, the U.S. air force is still developing airborne laser weapons loaded on the aircraft for anti missile. Jointly developed by the United States munitions giant Boeing, Luo, Martin and Northrop Grumman ABL airborne laser weapon is a kind of loading on the Boeing 747 45 ton laser cannons, it can emit several megawatts of high intensity laser beam, with a range of up to 400 km. In February 11, 2010, ABL fired two rockets in two minutes and shot down one of them.

Despite the Star Wars program was canceled with the end of the cold war, but the United States is still a high power laser weapons program to invest hundreds of millions of dollars each year. In 1994 America had offered ambitious plans, with 12 "alpha" chemical laser weapon platform global coverage, and make the deployment of space-based laser battle constellation in 2003. But the United States has finally abandoned the plan due to its large size and changes in the international environment.

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