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There are so many excellent features on the 5000mw Laser Pointer that it's kind of hard to know where to start. Just be patient and I'll cover everything.

After firing a couple of hundred rounds with the laser mounted there was absolutely no "tube creep" on the mount and the zero was dead on from the first round to the last. The way the rail mount attaches to the laser I doubt that even dropping the weapon onto the laser would put the laser out of zero.Changing the battery is also very simple and easy. Just unscrew the end cap, replace the battery and re-install the end cap. This is much easier than other lasers that use the button type batteries where you need a screwdriver and sometimes have to remove the burning laser from your weapon to change batteries. You can change the battery on this laser while it is still mounted to the weapon meaning that you won't need to re-zero the laser after a battery change.

Power Blue Laser Pointers 10000mw

The mounting options are also excellent for the 300mw Laser Pointer Green . Although this 300mw laser is not advertised as having a "universal" mounting system the variety of laser mounts do make the mounting methods pretty universal. You can mount it on a rail, around the barrel of a shotgun, on the magazine tube of a shotgun and on the scope tube of a rifle scope. I mounted this laser onto a Picatinny rail on my AK using the included rail mount.The first major difference from the lasers that I own is the power source. As I already have a charger that will accommodate this battery this is no issue for me. You can also use a "regular" CR123A battery instead of the rechargeable type. This much battery power should power this laser for quite a long time.

Just like any other sight or scope you remove the dust cover from the adjustment knobs, adjust the windage and elevation with the hex wrench and then re-install the dust covers. I set the initial zero using, of all things, a 20mw laser pointer. I set the zero at 50 yards. When I took my AK to the range it took only four rounds and two minor adjustments to hit dead center in the 10 ring at 50 yards. I then zeroed the laser at 100 yards using the 3x9 variable scope that is mounted to my AK. This took 10 rounds to accomplish so that I was hitting dead center. with the laser.

Zeroing the 20mw Laser Pointer is accomplished using the included hex wrench.I am not a really big fan of the remote pressure pad switches that I have used in the past. I like the ability to activate a laser and/or light with the pad, but I've had too many fail over time. The pressure pad on the Niniso Green Dot Tactical Laser Sight is really "beefy" compared to others that I have owned. It is heavier and more robust than others and should last quite a while. Only time will tell if this pressure pad holds up better than others I have used. In the event that the pressure pad does quit working you can always replace it with the switch button.

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