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In a soecial conference, The Pentagon representative Hugh Karen praised for the sea-based burning laser device's performance of last 4 months. In response to American achievement on laser weapon, Baluyevsky that the research of military laser technology will be the next race for many coutries since its powerful performance.

According to the Russian "Expert" magazine, Chief of Russian armed forces Baluyevsky Yuri claimed that Russia is fighting against the United States at the fields of high powered laser weapons. These words were a response to a statement made by the director of the the US Navy's research office, Ma Hugh Karen who left a provocation a few days ago. 

30000mw Blue Laser HTPOW

Development of military laser pointer


In a response to the "Star Wars", Soviet Union joined the technical competition quickly in a secret town called "Rainbow" where has a secret Institute for the development of 200mw laser pointer weapons. Unfortunately, this plan was terminated since they did not got the required laser beam power and intensity ratio.Nowadays, the power of laser radiation is greatly improved, but the problem of scattering still exist. Only under a vacuum circumstance can laser weapon destroy targets at any distance or directions.

The "Star Wars" (announced at 1983) program determine to develop a system based on a 300mw green laser radiation. In the field of directed energy weapons, high power lasers (including nuclear pumped laser particle accelerator, basic roentgen) and electromagnetic radiation generator were the main character.



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